Sufi-Meditation: Free Material, Courses, Classes & Coaching

By learning to focus our attention we can move away from damaging habits, thought patterns and actions.

I have filled this website with many articles that give advise on Sufi Meditation techniques. If you wish to take the knowledge further, I offer individual coaching & classes.

See also this article on Sufi Meditation, Muraqaba

Sufi-Meditation: Self-Protection Online, Protection against Manipulation, Focus & Strength in Everyday Life.

Coaching Lessons start at €30/hour

Classes, Online, 6 People Minimum, 6 Sessions (1 Hour each) €120

Classes - outside Berlin, Groups of 6 Minimum, Costs: €400 per Person for 5 days, excl. Travel-Expenses, Accommodation (we help to organise)

Contact me for more information.

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