Spinning, Weaving, Praying.. About Suf (Wool)

Etymologically there are different interpretations about the origins of the word Sufism. A majority of scholars believe that the word “Tasawwuf”, that forms the basis of Sufism, derives from the word “Suf”, which means wool. This assumption is based on a story that the Prophet (as) and faithful Moslems, and later on the wandering Sufis wore garments of wool to denote their detachment from the world and simplicity in living. I take this further, by explaining that it is not solely about the wool, but about the act of weaving and spinning the wool which is the path itself - the Great Weaver spins our path.

Wool is also an ancient medicine. Natural sheep's wool is used for treatment of injuries, skin diseases and other ailments and helps the body regulate temperature by both insulating from the cold and dissipating heat. 

Suf is Female

Wool relates to the acts of spinning yarn and weaving garnments which are sacred (female) activities. In esoterical lore "Maya", refers to the sacred (spinning) wheel, the act of spinning and weaving life's stories. Since many millenia women have spun wool and weaved cloths, and wove stories and life events in acts of devotation to the "Great Weaver" into the garnments. The acts of living, spinning, telling, thinking, healing, weaving, praying and doing Dhikr (recitations of verses and Theurgian medicine) are intimately connected.

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