Spiritual Healing in the Sufi, Shi’i and Isa (Jesus) Tradition

“It is He who is revealed in every face, sought in every sign, gazed upon by every eye, worshipped in every object of worship, and pursued in the unseen and the visible. Not a single one of His creatures can fail to find Him in its primordial and original nature.” ~ Ibn Arabi

I have started this blog in August 2014 and populated it with varying subjects, ranging from herbal recipes to standard health advise, to historical anecdotes, and complex matters such as the works of Henry Corbin and Shi’i Illumination, and further to mental health issues and questions of natural healing.  I have seen through the statistics provided by WordPress that the most popular subjects on this blog are those relating to the occult, and mental health in general and specifically in Islam.

I feel not well equipped to talk like an academic expert about these things, because I am not an academic, or a Shaykh, nor a blogger doing business, but a woman who aims to become a licensed healer and all I can hope for is to give people on this blog inspiration and some advise insh’allah. However, within the spheres of the mind and the healing of the spirit within I have come across some rather miracolous things, which make perfect sense from a spiritual view point, but which might earn me nothing but wrath from the Western medical establishment that seems to be very involved in their own version of a religious war. Their religion being what they were taught in medical school and by popular mechanical notions of what the mind is and the body.

“It is a rather difficult undertaking to frame the phrase “spiritual healing”, what that actually is and what it is supposed to do.”

It is a rather difficult undertaking to frame the phrase “spiritual healing”, what that actually is and what it is supposed to do. Because of this difficulty I have decided to talk about these matters more from a personal, subjective “within” perspective and open my heart further to the  issues, instead of putting walls of varying knowledge around me to proof that I understand what I am talking about and that I am both pious and educated . I find it for this endevour necessary to briefly sketch out my own path for my readers.

The Blue, 2019

Even though I am a Sufi Shia Muslim, as a healer I come very clearly from a tradition that is related to the teachings of Isa (Jesus), and his work against false beliefs. Now, this may sound rather weird for many, but my insight in most troubles in this world and many of the human illnesses is that they come from a set of false believes that inhabit the human mind and create sickness and madness. We encounter false beliefs in varying forms, for example  – we are  collectively conditioned to believe in lying politicans, lying pharmaceutical companies (see also the current Opoid crisis in the USA) and into all kinds of fading seasonal hypes, fashions and so on. In relation to Isa I want to encourage my readers to read the bible and in particular the chapters in the New Testament in which Isa calms storms, cures people of illnesses, exorcises dark spirits (mental illness) and even brings the dead back to life There are schools of thought within Christian healer circles that see in the bible’s reports of Isa’s healing work (which they interpret literal) evidence of Isa’s power to shift people’s spiritual perception, or in other words, he healed false beliefs. Now, that sounds all a bit far fetched when it comes to illnesses like Leprose or when somebody is declared dead, but the core message is, that by adjusting our spiritual view point we can overcome illness and any kind of calamity. The most radical view point would be to deny that we are in any way seperated from God and to affirm that we can in no way suffer from anything. We enjoy nothing but good mental and physical health and a happy eternal life as long as we keep our mind in the constant company of the one God. Such an affirmation  strategy works  wonderfully for many things in my experience but not for all things and the deeper one goes in this path the more trials are lurking. Some of them can be very severe.

“Lifting false beliefs off us by connecting with God for help and “seeing the truth” is possible and in relation to achieving better health and mental health absolutely a viable treatment.”

Many Sufis consider Isa as one of them, and I too see Isa within the chain of Sufism and the great prophetic revelations in Islam. The teachings of the great Hermes Trismegistos connect Islam like a golden thread to the teachings of Isa, and the varying sets of false beliefs that make humans sick and mad is one of the core issues within Sufism and the Islamic tradition. Hermes Trismegistus is mentioned in the Qur’an in verse 19:56-57. The transmissions from Hermes are the teachings how we can connect with God through direct prayers and devotion (which is called Theurgy, although this phrase has been wrongly appropriated by various misguided occult groups) and adjust through prayer our distorted senses and our varying false beliefs and bad influences inhabiting our minds and bodies.

“I insisted on the statement that I am made in the image and likeness of God.”

In the context of healing physical illness with a psycho-somatic root very quickly through spiritual means I want to share this little anecdote from my personal life as a conclusion to this post:

About five years ago I cured myself of Asthma. To be more precise: I was cured of the belief that I have Asthma. I believe this one sentence “curing (..) of the belief” entails everything. I simply gave up the belief that I suffer from Asthma, have Asthma, and that Asthma controls me in any way. Initially I met a lot of inner resistance when I gave up on my various anti-Asthma inhalers (“You are sick, you need those inhalers!”, “This is nonsense!!” “Madness!), but I insisted on the statement that I am made in the image and likeness of God and can hence not suffer from anything, and eventually, after 2 days, the inner resistance calmed down and I was cured! And I had no more suggestions that I am sick either. I was able to put the Cortison sprays into the bin, was free of anxieties and freed from the belief-system of Asthma. More so, I could not even rememeber that I ever had Asthma – after 20 years of sprays, Asthma attacks, bronchial spasms aso. The Asthma was simply gone and with it a list of false beliefs that I had carried with me since childhood.

Whilst I was very happy about this result, I was of course also deeply astonished that it worked, and shocked about the chains my spirit has been shackled in for such a long time. 

In Sufi Islam we often talk about “veils that get lifted” on our path to God. Lifting false beliefs off us by connecting with God for help and “seeing the truth” of our healthy god-given minds and bodies is possible and in relation to achieving better health and mental health absolutely a viable treatment.


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