Re-Framing Psychosis and the Psychotic Muslim

"So the first step in working with the psychotic individual is to get to know the person’s psychosis – begin to understand the person’s reifications. There is ALWAYS method to the madness."

Our mental health "issues" deserve to be treated with respect and dignity - our issues relate to our untold stories, our pain our persecution and our ancestral and present-day experiences. There is no dignity in "tricking" those who got stories to tell. I am hence not supporting to "trick" the Jinn, as Jinns are in my book, the Quran and some other books too, sacred story tellers about our sadness, madness, condemption and redemption. Almost all mental ailments require engagement, not supression. And last but not least: Psychiatric medication can be extremely debilitating and can damage our brain, our metabolism, our natural bio-energy flow and subtle bodies.


Hijama Moon, 2019

While the machinery to mechanise us all and to cut to size all our "issues" steams on, a new consciousness is emerging, one that never went away and survived in old traditional knowledge and in particular also within pockets of Muslim culture. In relation to what is commonly known as Psychosis the new/old consciousness is stating clearly that we must engage with our illnesses and "issues" and build relationships with them. We must hear our own story out and engage with our spirits, demons, jinns, possessions or - in other words - individual and/or public psychosis. Muslims have a great aid at their side. That is a long and tried history of spiritual therapies that can guide a person to healing. 

I want to recommend the blog on Islam as a guide in the battle against Eating Disorders. I find it very couragous by the authors, honest and very helpful to shed light on the growing Eating Disorder problem amongst young Muslims, but also on the amazing healing abilitities for body and mind that can be found within Islamic spiritual psychotherapies. Even though Eating Disorders are not per se framed as "psychotic" by the Psychiatric establishment, they are seen as symptoms that indicate "patient is within a psychotic spectrum" and more and more psychiatrists attempt nowadays to treat eating disorders with medication - without much success.



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