Portraits of Plants as Healers: The Red Clover

There are two kinds of knowledge: knowledge of religion and knowledge of the body.” ~ Prophet Mohammed (a.s.)

Trifolium pratense (“3 leaf plant”, from Latin), red clover, is a herbaceous flowering plant in the family Fabaceae, native to Europe, the Levant, the Middle East (Western Asia) and northwest Africa, but planted and naturalised in many other regions of the world.

Due to it’s natural hormone and calcium content the Red Clover increases bone density, smoothes the skin, increases circulation and  helps to have a restful sleep. It is also very useful for the treatment of Asthma and Bronchities. I have also heard of people who drank Red Clover tea against mental health issues such as depression and they reported an easing of their symptoms. Red Clover is also known to be a blood purifier, expelling toxins form the blood and inner organs (liver).

“Due to it’s natural hormone content it increases bone density, smoothes the skin, increases circulation and helps to have a restful sleep.”

These modest little pink to dark purple colored flowers are not only gentle to the eye, they are also a great source of nutrition for insects, animals and people alike. It tastes wonderful in salats, but also makes dried a great tea and is a healing agent. Red Clover is a hightly vital herb and as such a true herbal friend for women in particular (Al Hayy, the Ever-Living source of all life is the Dhikr for the lovely, modest, yet ever so sturdy and powerful clover). The flowers can be harvested many times over the course of one year and she renews herself continously. The ancient celts based their religious traditions on the red clover, which they recognized to be an ever-living herb send from the gods (and goddesses).

Red Clover Moon

I am very fond of the little Red Clover plant which carries such great qualities with it and I enjoy sitting in fields of Red Clover during the summer, for a shared picknick and for just for looking at the flowers. Not far from our house we have fertile meadows that carry from Spring to late Summer lush fields of the herb. Traditionally Red Clover tea is known as hormone balancing herb for women in hormonal distress, mainly with menopausal or menstrual problems. However, I also found it to be a very good healer for women (and men) who went through major upheavals and emotional turmoils and it can take some of the edge off post traumatic symptoms, depressions and associated problems such as chronic pains, nervousness, anxieties and dark moods because it cleanses the liver, our “cleaning station”, that has also the job to clean and balance our emotional issues (and tissues). Mental health issues not only affect our mind, they affect our entire system. Red Clover can also help with problems arising from psychiatric medication who have a direct effect on the liver and our metabolic system.

A full treatment with Red Clover takes about 120 days (3 months). I recommend to drink 2-3 cups of Red Clover infusion daily for a curative de-tox program.

How to make a Hot Infusion
Add 2-3 table spoons of Red Clover dried herb into a 500ml jar and add hot water. Leave over night for an infusion. Store at a dark place.  For more information on how to brew infusions and teas, please visit this post.

After the 120 day treatment course I recommend to continue drinking one cup of  Red Clover infusion once daily.

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