On the Islamic treatment of Psychosis and Iatro-genesis (over-medication) of Psychiatric meds

"In my wildest dreams I couldn’t imagine more of a hell-realm than psychiatry. It was only years after I had left the psychiatric community that I began to re-contextualize and reframe my experiences with psychiatry as a shamanic descent into the underworld, into the depths of a modern-day Hades. What the psychiatrists were doing was truly maddening and crazy-making. Psychiatrists are trained to pathologize; once I was diagnosed and labeled with a mental illness, my behavior was myopically viewed through the lens of pathology, which only served to draw out the pathological aspect of my process, further confirming to the psychiatrists the correctness of their diagnosis in a self-fulfilling prophecy." ~ Paul Levy

This quote from Paul Levy reminds me of stories friends told about their psychiatric experiences and how difficult it was for them to get away from that hell. Psychiatric medications were prescribed to them without emotional support, proper diagnosis, holistic perspective and after-care. There is more then just one dimension to the suffering within psychiatry and the ongoing consumption of psychiatric medication.

"A potentially huge army of young anti-authoritarians are being depoliticized by mental illness diagnoses and by attributions that their inattention, anxiety, depression, and disruptiveness are caused by defective biochemistry, not by their alienation from a dehumanizing society. These diagnoses and attributions, leveled at them often before they have an opportunity to gain political consciousness, make them less likely to organize democratic movements to transform society." ~ Bruce Levine

"It was like I got shut down and shut up, and whenever I tried to get myself adequate help from within the system the threat of getting sectioned into a psychiatric ward always loomed over me", one friend told  me. He had  suffered near psychotic episodes in consequence of a prescribed cocktail of barbiturates (sleeping pills), benzodiazepines (medications from the valium family), anti-depressants and over-the-counter pain killers that contain Codein - all in combination with Asthma inhalers that contain amongst many other substances steroids.  

On Purple Moon, 2019

"A few more months of such "treatment" and he would have been "taken care of" in a psychiatric ward."

In my friend's case, he lost excessive amounts of weight and his body got in time covered with big bruises like he was beaten up by somebody - the beating came from inside,  from the meds. In psychic reading I even claim that his trapped self kicked him from inside, screaming for help.  In addition he, like other patients who "are trapped" by psychiatric meds, suffered episodes of acting out of character, fantasizing about self harm, suffering memory lapses and getting paranoid (long term use of benzodiazepines is known to cause suicidal thoughts and damages the memory - see also this article in Psychology Today) . Against these symptoms he took in turn more pills of varying effects, which ended him in the typical vicious circle of psychiatric over-medication. A few more months of such "treatment" and he would have been "taken care of" in a psychiatric ward, getting his mind eventually completely destroyed in ever more "treatments" or he would have simply died through suicide or heart attack. All this suffering started when he became anxious after a traumatic event (he was the victim of a crime and had to attend various court hearings) and so he went to see a doctor who send him to a Psychiatrist and from there his road to hell began.

"Western culture by and large still avoids spirituality and spiritual views on life, even though within spirit is the key for a holistic treatment of almost any human ailment."

The varying psychiatric and psychological interpretations of my friend's symptoms were entirely unhelpful and only added further layers of harm and confusion. Nobody took the time to explain to my friend why he had fantasies of self-harm. In holistic reading however, there was a clue, and that is that his body was abused by wrong treatment, and his self was battling to break free and grow, to understand the force of evil he had encountered. As a consequence of the popular policy of "strictly no meta-physics", Western culture by and large stills avoids spirituality and spiritual views, even though within spiritual readings and treatments are keys for most human ailments. In Islam and other traditional religious schools a spiritualized and holistic life style is at the very foundation of a healthy existence.

"These prayers and learning and experiencing God's presence first helped him to get off the sleeping pills, pain killers and benzodiazepines and then also healed him completely of Asthma."

What started to help my friend, who was back then an "educated rational atheist", was the discovery of prayer techniques  that aided him to strengthen and focus his mind and taught him to connect with God and his own self-healing powers. These prayers and learning and experiencing spiritual awareness and presence first helped him to get off the sleeping pills, pain killers and benzodiazepines and then also healed him completely of Asthma. This was one aspect of his recovery. Additionally he changed his diet - one of the side effects of the medication was that he became gluten intolerant - the meds had harmed parts of the sensitive interworkings between his brain and his digestive system - and worked to improve his character and awareness. He was increasingly more able to deal with his trauma and the subsequent experiences, of which the experiences with the "system" were worse then the actual trauma in his words. 

"I can not emphasize enough the healing powers of a mind and a life style that is spiritually aware."

I want to make clear again, that this blog is not about recruiting people to any particular religion, but I can not emphasize enough the healing powers of spiritual therapies. In summary, my friend's mind turned from a medicated, trapped mind into a mind that was able to grow and acquire spiritual awareness in the process. In my friend's case the wider implication in my view is that there are large segments of our medical and social care systems who lack understanding of most basic human needs . Lack of proper care is an ever increasing problem in the age of privatisation of public medical services and what is increasingly required is useful self-help guides and communal initiatives, as well as initiatives by dedicated "real" healers, churches, mosques and all kinds of spiritual centers to teach people how to heal through spiritual means.

I will post further on this subject of treating mental health problems through spiritual means, and will share remedies that were tried and tested and bring results. To receive updates please subscribe to the newsletter.


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