Learning from Khidr and Trees – My Life in the Forests

"You think you are a small entity, but within you is enfolded the entire Universe" - Ali ibn Talib (as)

"It is God who splits open the seed and the fruit stone. He brings out the living from the dead, and the dead from the living." ~ Quran, Surat 6:100

One of the great blessings in my life are my encounters with Al-Khidr, the green spirit (Khiḍr resembles the word “green” in Arabic, though others give other etymologies for the name). One afternoon in England - in a park with a small forest - I encounterd a bright green light (that's Clorophyl) in the moss and ever since I follow this light and began a conversation with trees and everything that grows. With time I learned more about the vast interconnected natural networks that surround us and I began to venture deeper into communicating and seeking to learn from them.

Peter Wohlleben is a German author and ranger who rebelled against the industrial approach to forest cultivation and exploitation in Germany. He started a gentle forest protection revolution and began to write wonderful books about trees and animals which I read with great delight. He describes beautifully the vast invisble networks within forests and how each tree and each being has it's own place in this network. How older trees and those who are ill are helped by fellow trees and kept alive for their ongoing valuable contribution to the forest's health, how the soil is kept healthy and moist through shared work approaches by the trees and how trees and plants communicate through a vast vast neural network of minute fungi that live in the soil and the roots of the trees - the Mycelium. Through the Mycelium even trees who are standing miles apart are able to communicate. Isn't this astonishing? It all makes wonderful sense to me, and it also offers some clues for those who pray and do Dhikr as to why we feel so much more interconnected when we do it. We are closer to the neural networks that surround us and are within us when we practise 🙂

The First Farn, 2019

I love and appreciate Islam deeply for transmitting to those who are willing to hear, a profound message of unity and love with our Earth, the Angel. While I condemn the human made Dunya, our world of human madness and ugly narcistic illusions, I will never get tired of reminding people of the real world and our hidden soul treasures. In times when you get tired and distracted and feel torn to pieces in the Dunya, please remember to turn to God and listen to the wisdom that nature is always willing to share with you. Look out for the green spirit and hear what Khidr has to transmit to you about the simple things that help to keep our complex and powerful yet also ever so delicate world and yourself together.

Last edited: 2nd June 2018

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