Islam and Psychosis, Part 3: Exorcism – Sadqa Eats the Demon

“Say, [O Muhammad], “It has been revealed to me that a group of the jinn listened and said, ‘Indeed, we have heard an amazing Qur’an. It guides to the right course, and we have believed in it. And we will never associate with our Lord anyone.” ~ Surat Al-Jinn, Holy Qur’an

Throughout the Islamic world as well as other traditional cultures the influence of the occult (the unseen, the spirit world, the world of psychic forces) is frequently taken into the equation when it comes to the healing of  neurotic disturbances, psychotic issues and complicated social problems. Even the so called “rational scientific sciences” psychology and psychiatry are rooted in the occult traditions and demonology – both are direct offsprings from Mesmerism (after the German Franz Mesmer, who made popular a theory of the “universal fluidum” he called “Animal Magnetism” and then the use of suggestion – known also as hypnosis – in the treatment of “possessions”).

Sigmund Freud himself witnessed a mesmeric (hypnotic) healing in Paris in the late 19th century which directly inspired him to create his theories about the human psyche and the new science of psychology.

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The following is a little excursion into the world of Muslim hakim (healers) and the role of charity (Sakat and Sadqa) in the healing of mental and social ills. I focus mainly on the Sadqa healing rituals as prescribed by one Hakim in Pakistan who built most of his work around it. Viewed through the lense of socio-psychological interpretations we can identify easily that charity, generosity and good  deeds relief a patient’s sometimes very deep seated sense of guilt amd allows them to step away from their egos and to socially reconnect. This particular healer however not only prescribes charity towards fellow humans, he also prescribes charity to the “unseen”.


The Qur’an reveals that Jinn (spirits made of smokeless fire, I relate this to to Bioelectricity and neural Electrophysiology) are chained to the will of Allah, and it is Allah’s will that Jinn have no power against the words of the Qur’an. I recommend to everybody, to test this the following way: When stressed, anxious or overwhelmed by intrusive thoughts try reciting the following: La illah illa anta subhanna inni khunta minath-talimeen. It is the Yonas prayer.
It is tragic how little attention official science pays to the healing powers of language and specifically the Arabic language 🙂

All Islamic exorcisms and psychic healings include recitations and prayers from the Qur’an. Jinn have to obey the will of Allah and have to stop all mischief the moment the Qur’an is called in as an aid against their acivities.

“Because the Islamic world is not a monolith but made up by many different cultures and variations of the core belief, the practises, initiatic paths and life stories of spiritual healers vary widely from region to region.”

When one talks to Islamic spiritual healers (also called Amils, Babas, Peers, Shaykhs, Hakims etc) about their paths to becoming a healer,  many give long descriptions of the initiation into their work, their spiritual ancestry and their psychic connections to the saints (most of them Sufis, but there are also Christian saints, Hindu saints, Buddhist saints and many others amongst such psychic connections). Amils depend upon their ancestry of saints and other Amils and spiritual masters for the transmission of spiritual and healing powers to them. Very often these saints and ancestors invade an unwary person’s life and create all kinds of problems until the person recognized the calling of the saints and their wish for the future Amil to answer their call for him/her to fulfill his or her purpose. Amils experience frequent visionary states, visitations to the spirit spheres (such as for example the land of Hurqalya in Shi’i Sufi Islam) to attend meetings, and they have to go through various – sometimes very dangerous – initiatic stages and rigerous tests throughout life to progress with their mission. Part of such initiations are for example, to sit at graveyards for many cold and lonley nights to talk to Jinns and demons to learn their ways and to become fearless, to roam the land pennyless to experience God’s grace and charity, to demonstrate extra-ordinary self-lessness to proof worthyness, to slay oneself etc. It is known that healers also vanish sometimes for long periods to experience further secret initiatic tests.

Because the Islamic world is not a monolith but made up by many different cultures and variations of the core belief, the practises, initiatic paths and life stories of these spiritual healers and Amils vary widely from region to region.

“When we learn things to counter demonic forces, we go through a recitation of Quran words or stanzas, under the guidance of a teacher. This practice is usually held in grave yards , and sometimes by standing in water – a river, lake etc.”

One healer from Pakistan (may God be pleased with him), was so kind to share some of his spiritual healing practises and parts of his initiatic path with me. This healer’s specific medicine in addition to prayers is the Sadqa (which is not the same as Sakat, which is the obligatory Islamic charity), which means voluntary charity and generosity in Islam. This healer advises patients to be generous to people and to throw a specific piece of meat into a lonley place and to then walk away from it without turning back. This piece of meat is dedicated to the “unseen” forces.

Q: Can you please explain to me how you became initiated as a healer?
“When we learn things to counter demonic forces, we go through a recitation of Koran words or stanzas, under the guidance of a teacher. This practice is usually held in grave yards , and sometimes by standing in water – a river, lake etc.  The teacher then makes us sit to practice the prescribed ayats or names of Allah attributes like Ya Nur etc. The negative forces attacks us, the teacher keeps an eye on us for our protection. This is known as “Chilla” in spirituality and is for 40 days. In it the student practice it every day, in a fixed count at a fixed place, and fixed time strictly by watch. This practice of 40 days is derived from  Moses retreat to Mount Senai,  for 40 days in which he received the 10 commandments. During this practice many evil forces attack the student or practitioner to stop him for doing it and frighten him,or distract him . If the student gets afraid or distracted, they can harm him, there the teacher gives the protection and also teaches certain protection techniques to overcome them.  I have gone through these practices and  can tell a lot of stories. This practice  makes  the student spiritually strong and overcome his fears. When we are going through the healings, sometimes the jinns or demons ask us that what they need, and they will leave the victims body.  Sometimes when they get adamant and refuse to leave we punish them with our practiced verses, and then offer stronger forces to take the “Sadqa” or offering/ charity, and take the jinn away with him or her. If a healer is strong then the Djinn or demon shows its presence  or sometimes leave quietly .  The “Sadqa” is very important part in Islamic healing, and according to a saying of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) “Sadqa eats the demons”.  The prescription of sadqa is according to patients condition, just you cannot prescribe the Aspirin, for stomach aches, as it has a different medicine for it. We have a spiritual inspiration for prescribing “Sadqa“. (Note: In certain lineages of Pakistani Islamo-Shamanism the Sadqa can be both a charitable offering to fellow humans, or a charitable offering to the spirits/jinn. Usually they prescribe both as medicine, together with specific traditional prayers and readings from the Quran on top of the actual “exorcism”.)

“The “Sadqa” is a very important part in Islamic healing, and according to a saying of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) “Sadqa eats the demons”

Q: Can you please share a typical treatment of a possessed patient with me?
“During the last two Sundays, during the treatment of a woman patient, a jinn negotiated with me while sitting in the patient. When I asked him as to who has sent him, he said he cannot tell as he has been physically bound by a magician with iron chains and his tongue is locked not to tell  who has sent him.  Since he was tamed by me with The willingness of Allah, something divinely guided me to recite Moses brother Aren’s or Haroon’s prayer, since he had a stammering tongue he prayed to Allah to open his breast and tongue so that people can understand  him. It is mentioned in Koran. I knew the prayer so I placed my wand or stick on him (the Jinn in the woman) and prayed. As soon as I finished the prayer, he (the Jinn) started speaking and told that the patient’s sister in law (brothers wife) went to the magician to get rid of her. The Jinn told that he has murdered the 2 ½  years old son of the patient also. He has tried several times to make her go astray and become sex oriented towards men, defame her, so that her family throws her out of the house. The patient was now a divorcee and living with her parents. The woman  when she initially came to me told me that she has been physically abused  by unseen forces, when she wakes up sometimes, she feels as she has been abused sexually. She gets attracted towards men sexually but some forces stop her to go to such extremes. She was a working woman, working in a local bank for credit card sales. Her family dislikes her.”

Q: How did this Jinn react to you and the treatment and what other prayers did you use?
“Last Sunday the jinn besieged before me  and begged for mercy not to torture him  more as my recitations (of the Koran) were hurting him. He said, “I want to run from you and leave the victim’s body, but my master magician sends me back, and I am hanging in between”. However I ordered him to leave her to the count of 10 and started counting  – at 8 he said “wait let me get out of her” and at 10 the girl shook her body and was up and awake. I advised her my spiritual medicine of Sadqa and told her to keep that for night in her bedroom and dispose of it in the morning (a specific piece of raw meat). I further told her that she might feel  disturbed  during the night, but bear with it bravely and nothing will happen. The next morning she told me that she got faint in the night. I had told her brother that if her condition worsens to start reciting the “Azaan”  7 times each in both her ears. The Azan is the Muslim call for prayer from the Mosque. He did that. In the morning she threw the Sadqa (a piece of meat) as she was told.  Today she phoned me to tell that she has almost recovered to normal state with Allah’s kindness. The Azan is a very powerful technique for exorcism and has been tested by me. It works wonders.”


Talking to the Djinn

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