God’s Greatest Name ~ Ism Allah Al-A’zam

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"The graphic symbol of the Greatest Name of God  (ism allah al-a'zam), is also known as the Seal of Solomon (khitam sulayman): a symbol which from quite early on plays a major part in the history of Islamic esotericism, especially in magic and the occult (...) It derives from a poem attributed to the first Shi'ite Imam 'Ali (as). * "


Note: This is not a Bahai'i symbol.

* The poem attributed to Imam Ali (as) relating to the Ism Allah Al-A'zam runs as follows:

Three sticks in a row after a seal; above them the semblance of a straightened lance.

Then a blind ‘mîm’ without a tail, then a ladder unto all that is hoped for, but which is not a ladder.

Four things like fingers in a row pointing to good deeds, but without a wrist.
And a ‘hâ’ that has been split, then an inverted `wâw’ like the syphon (pump) of a phlebotomist (blood letter), but it is not a blood-letting cup.

This is the name whose worth is magnified; if you were ignorant of it before, know it now.

O bearer of the great name, take sufficiency in it – you shall be preserved from misfortunes and shall be kept safe.

It is the [secret] name of God, may His glory be glorified, unto all men, be they Arab or non-Arab!


The Greatest Name of God is associated with the global struggle for freedom from oppression and exploitation since milleniums. It also appeared at various slave revolts during times of colonialism and the Atlantic slave trade.

"...African Muslims routinely wear silver rings and bracelets for protection. Some of these items have a special cavity, in which the marabout puts a talisman before sealing it. One type of ring has hieroglyphics on the top, said to be similar to the ones inscribed on Prophet Suleyman's (Solomon's) ring with which he controlled the jinn...In Bahia, as numerous rings were found along with the Arabic papers...it became evident to the police that they were linked to Islam and, by extension, to the uprising... ~ Sylviane A. Diouf, Servants of Allah: African Muslims Enslaved in the Americas, 15th edition, New York University Press, 1998: 109."

Recently it appeared in connection with the take down of Andrew Anglin, a well known far right operative and Nazi figure head. Allah knows best!


Copyright of this specific design of the talisman and the translation is courtesy of my husband, Wahid Azal, http://wahidazal.blogspot.com







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