About Death and our Minds

These deaths of dear friends marked the end of the last year for me and before I could even fully comprehend what had happened, many political events took place that grabbed my attention.

Two friends have died just before the end of last year whose friendship meant much to me. May their souls rest in peace.

Ken Pledge was a neighbour of mine in London. I was blessed as he became a very good friend and wonderful supporter in times of a deep personal crisis. Never will I forget the sweet and wise ways in which he reminded me to dig into my talents. Ken was also responsible for getting me interested in Sufism on a deeper level and taught me early meditations. Ken was a student of Idries Shah, Bennett and Gurdjieff in the 1960s and 70s and he had met many of the early spiritual teachers that came from the East to the West. He worked at Imperial College as Physics Lecturer and was a Phd in Physics. He died in his late 70s, peacefully, in the very same home he grew up in and lived at all his life. May his soul rest in peace. I regret I was not able to spend more time with him, especially during his last years, but events took me away and he of all people understood that.

Huralya, 2019

The second friend who passed on, died suddenly just before the end of the year. Azhar Shaykh lived in Lahore in Pakistan and was an Islamo-Shamanic healer. He introduced me to the wild ways of Sufi healing on the sub-continent. He was a selfless and kind person, generous with his knowledge and a true helping spirit. He never charged a person a single penny for his healing work, but he was often not rewarded with kindness by those he helped. Azhar died suddenly and too early from pneumonia and his death is felt not only by his family but also the wider community. The last time I communicated with him via eMail he reminded me to pray regularly, as nobody knows when he or she will leave this plain to return to Allah. May his soul rest in peace.

These deaths of dear friends marked the end of the year 2015 for me and before I could even fully comprehend it all, many political events took place that grabbed my attention. It is nothing new when I say we live in a world of turmoil, but I want to stress that we live also and most of all in a world of peace and harmony. What concerns me is how hatred and darkness have become a rising force in many people and how easily people are falling for it because of very low mental self-defense knowledge. A constant stream of propaganda, fake awful news, exaggarations and hate-mongering is thrown out daily to manipulate people. I was blessed that I had in Ken & Azhar two friends with wonderful and developed characters who knew how to use their minds. They taught me how to look after one’s thoughts and how to be one with the forces of light in this world. It is within this light that truly accomplished minds will exist forever. Only light is eternal and self-sufficient and forever expanding.


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