Reclaiming Traditionalism – Standing Against Fascism

“Today Traditionalism is a name without a reality whereas previously it was as a reality without a name.” ~ Hujwiri

“Traditionalism after (Rene) Guénon definitely went into a wrong direction. Arguably the seeds were already planted when Guenon was still alive. But after him Traditionalism definitely went off the rails. Julius Evola significantly contributed to Traditionalism falling off a cliff as well, and we all know the reasons why. Be that as it may, just as Hujwiri once said about Sufism: “Today Traditionalism is a name without a reality whereas previously it was as a reality without a name”. Traditionalism and the Traditionalist school at this juncture stands as a label for nothing more than every form of contemporary fascist politics, white supremacist knee-jerkism and, most disturbingly of all, the social engineering efforts of “the global satanic counter-aristocracy” (to use Guénon’s own jargon) in their further attempts to enslave humanity. This Traditionalism gave us Donald Trump, the rise of the alt-right and Richard Spencer, and a satanist like Aleksandr Dugin who stands behind it etc. As such it is time to call a spade a spade. One can still cherish and continue engaging with the original ideas of Traditionalism, but let us not kid ourselves anymore about what Traditionalism has become and what forces have appropriated it and are now driving it. Ironically, it was Rene Guénon himself who actually foresaw this very thing happening and warned about it.” ~ Wahid Azal


The Relations, 2019

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