A Simple Detoxing Massage with Mint

“Once the Mint takes roots it won’t leave easily and does it’s cleansing job.”

I know the modest Mint in the kitchen and as an aid for indegistation. On further investigation Mint reveals itself as a powerful herb that draws out dark, moist and unpure things from the body. In nature Mint grows in the shadows, loves moisture and succeeds even in hostile conditions, sturdy and persistent.

It can transform swampy water into clean water. I have observed this many times on my walks along the various brooks, many of which struggle with mud and dirt that is spilled into them by unkind humanity. Once the Mint takes roots it won’t leave easily and does it’s cleansing job. This plant has indeed a lovely spirit. In German North mythology the mint is described as a water spirit called Minthe.

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I started using 100% pure Mint-Oil such as China-Oil in combination with St John’s Wort oil (packed with sun power) to create a detox oil to draw out stiffness from aching joints, and treat for example artrithis and chronic ear problems that result from trapped fluids that refuse to drain despite antibiotica, ear drops, massages and similar. Illnesses such as congested heads, aching joints etc. are all related to imbalances in the natural climate of the body, to dampness and moisture. The combination Mint-Oil and St John’s Wort oil creates both heat and cold and brings stuck fluids into motion when it is locally applied. To relieve a congested head I add a few sprinkles of Peppermint oil into about 1 teaspoon of St John’s Wort Oil and put it on to a cotton pad which I put into the affected ear and leave it for about 30 minutes. The rest of the mix I massage into the lymph knots, on the head and neck and whereever it aches. The ear drained within two days and the patient (my husband) was cured. Adding Dhikr packed with light energy (Ya Nur) and detoxication (Ya Quddus) enhances the treatment.

As a massage oil against back aches, locked joints etc. the mix is applied locally and gently rubbed in. Careful not to apply too much because Mint and in particular mint oil has a strong cooling effect.

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